Golden State Warriors Beat Denver Nuggets 122-105 Reguler Season Analysis

Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets 122-105

Two teams within the best record in the west facing each other on Friday night March 8, 2019 in Oakland, Oracle Arena. Golden State Warriors that had mission to secure the first seed finally held Denver Nuggets with a convincing win 122-105.

Solid Start From The Warriors

The Dubs started the game with very dominant as they quickly running with 27-8 in 1st quarter. But, The Nuggets had never gave up, after a terrible start they pulled up and cut off the deficit margin to 34-31 in early 2nd quarter.

The Nuggets could really handling the warriors as they leading in many times during 2nd quarter. But, when Klay Thompson backs to the court, the number 11 shooting guard from the bay gives back to back threes that makes The Nuggets struggling even further. Klay was a player of the game in first half. He scored 24 points with 6 3PM, he was on fire after returning from injury.

Superior Second Half

In 3rd & 4th quarter was much easier for The Golden State Warriors, because of all starters getting tune in, espescially for DeMarcus Cousins who was beating Nikola Jokic in whole game mainly in the paint area. Boogie was really solid and also produced 6 blocks, 3 steals, 5 assists, 6 rebounds, and 13 points in the game. He’s also playing faster than he used to play in other games. The Warriors really need this version of Boogie, because he was kinda slow and out of team phylosophy that used to share the ball quickly. Boogie also learnt to avoid turnovers that can hurt the team during fastbreak. This was very solid game for the big man.

Klay Thompson burries 9 PM and finishes the game with 39 points. The other teammates like Steph Curry made 17 points, Kevin Durant 26 points, Draymond Green 4 points and the rest coming from bench.

Defend 1st Seed

Defeating Nuggets mean a lot for The Golden State Warriors because they’re main rival in western conference, it’s also a good result to securing the 1st seed. Become the first on the table can give warriors a lot of convidence and also it helps them to avoid bigger team in first round.

After this game the dubs going to play in Arizona with The Suns await them. Despite the suns currently hold the worst record in the west, we can’t predict the team will get easy win. A mega test for Boogie as he will meet young big man Deandre Ayton, and maybe this game could be marked as the comeback of Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut’s Hype

Andrew Bogut returns to Golden State Warriors
Andrew Bogut returns to Golden State Warriors

Andrew Bogut could be a key for the warriors through the 7 game series this season. The number 1 pick overall finally returned to the golden state warriors after parted away in 2016. The 34 years old could bring more energy in defense area, a problem that always make the warriors struggling in entire season. In addition of Bogut, we can’t stop to monitor Boogie’s performance. He has 1 year contract and hopefully we’ll see him re-signing his contract for next season. Bogut also can give Boogie another breath for defense mainly, we’ll know that Boogie is one of the best offensive center while Bogut was dominant in defense with his attributes he had. This is a solid roster for the warriors keep the main mission 3peat this season. But afterall, the uncertain conditions still await, Klay, Boogie & KD’s future looklike depends on how the warriors finish this season.